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Feeder is an independent rock band who formed in London, England in 1992. The band are Welsh singer/guitarist/songwriter Grant Nicholas, Japanese bass guitarist Taka Hirose, and English drummer Mark Richardson. The band's original drummer, Jon Lee, committed suicide in 2002. There is also an "unofficial fifth member of Feeder", a phrase coined by the close-knit Feeder fanbase referring to touring guitarist Dean Tidey, whom many fans regard as a member of Feeder, despite only appearing in music videos containing live footage due to only being known to play with the band live. Dean also has his own band, the Sandstone Veterans.

The band's first release was the 1995 Two Colours EP which was a limited edition of 1500 and is now quite valuable. After this was the 6-track mini-album, Swim, originally released in June 1996 and later re-released with bonus tracks in 2001. This was followed by their first full-length effort, Polythene. The band's second release, Yesterday Went Too Soon, met with little more mainstream success than their first. However, in 2001, their third full-length album Echo Park hit the big-time. Singles from the...

origin Wales, United Kingdom
music genre Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
current members Grant Nicholas
Taka Hirose
Mark Richardson (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia


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