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"The Feederz" were a punk rock band from Arizona. They are infamous for their song ''Jesus Entering from the Rear'' which featured on Alternative Tentacles' Let Them Eat Jellybeans compilation, and for their provocative album covers. The Feederz have strong situationist tendencies, and occasionally verge into anarchism; their songs are highly critical of government, consumerism, and religion.

Lead singer Frank Discussion is known for his "subvertisements" or "derailments", an adaption of the situationist tactic of detournement. Drummer Jayed Scotti was art partners with Winston Smith and created album art for bands such as the Dead Kennedys, MDC, and Crucifucks.

The Feederz were formed in 1977 by Frank Discussion and Clear Bob (Dan Clark). Art Nouveau (John Vivier) later joined the group as their drummer. Before performing publicly, the Feederz issued a press release which the local media mistook as a terrorist communique. At their first show, Frank Discussion caused a panic by firing blanks from an AR-15 assault rifle into the audience. In 1980, the band released their first recording, a 4-song EP Jesus.

In 1982, Frank Discuss...

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