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The Feelers are a New Zealand Rock band formed in the 1990s in Christchurch by James Reid (singer/guitarist), Matthew Thomas (Bass) and Hamish Gee (Drums).

The Feelers got a record deal with Warner Music and released their first album, Supersystem, in 1998. It was the second biggest selling album in New Zealand that year. They later went on to win Album of the Year, Song Writer of the Year (James Reid), Band of the Year, and Producer of the Year (Malcolm Welsford) at the New Zealand Music Awards in 1999.

The band then went into a period of silence until 2001 when their second album Communicate was released. Noted songs from that album include "Communicate," "The Web," and "Fishing for Lisa."

Their 2003 album, Playground Battle, was seen by some as a new direction for the band. Some feel that the band is having difficulty meeting the standards of their first two albums, whilst others view the changes as a sign of the band's musical versatility.

The Feelers have toured extensively around New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe.

= *James Reid's brother is New Zealand singer-songwriter D...

Background group or band
Origin Christchurch, New Zealand
Instrument Singing
Genre Alternative Rock
Years active 1990-present
website The Official Feelers Website
Current members James Reid
Matthew Thomas
Hamish Gee
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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