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Fernando Ortega

Fernando Ortega is a singer-songwriter in contemporary Christian music. He is noted for his interpretations of traditional hymns and songs, such as "Give Me Jesus", "Be Thou My Vision", and many others, but also for writing clear and accessible songs, such as "This Good Day".


  • In a Welcome Field (1991/2000)
  • Meditations of the Heart (1992)
  • Meditations of the Heart Encore (1993)
  • Hymns and Meditations (1994)
  • Night of Your Return (1995)
  • This Bright Hour (1997)
  • The Breaking of the Dawn (1998)
  • Give Me Jesus - EP (1999)
  • Home (2000)
  • Camino Largo (2001)
  • Storm (2002)
  • Hymns of Worship (2003)
  • Fernando Ortega (2004)

Storm reached #197 on the Billboard 200 in 2002.

Dove Awards

*1998 Bluegrass Song: "Children of the Living God"

*2000 ...

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