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Fey can refer to:

  • Fey, a popular Mexican pop singer.
  • A German/Irish name found as both a first and last name. Tina Fey is one example.
  • A common last name used by Adult Entertainers.
  • A word for fairies with manifold spellings.
  • A word that commonly means "magic" or "touched by magic."
  • A word (less commonly, from Old Norse "féigr") means "doomed, fated to die", often ascribed to supernatural causes, and evidenced by abnormal behavior.

*"Fey" describing an individual (modern celtic) as having uncanny insight into both past and future.

  • Fey a series of novels.
  • A character from the Doctor Who comic strip, her full name being Fey Truscott-Sade.
  • Fey, a municipality in the canton of Vaud.
  • Féy, a commune of the Moselle département, in France.
  • A term in gay slang meaning "effeminate"
  • The Fey creature type, of the Dungeons & Dragons game.
  • ...
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