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"Fiction" (from the Latin ''fingere'', "to form, create") is storytelling of imagined events and stands in contrast to non-fiction, which makes factual claims about reality.

A large part of the appeal of fiction is its ability to evoke the entire spectrum of human emotions: to distract our minds, to give us hope in times of despair, to make us laugh, or to let us experience empathy without attachment. Fictional works—novels, stories, fables, fairy tales, films, comics, interactive fiction, cartoons, video games, Anime—may be partly based on factual occurrences but always contain some imaginary content. The term is also often used synonymously with literature and more specifically fictional prose. In this sense, fiction refers only to novels or short stories and is often divided into two categories, popular fiction (e.g., science fiction or mystery fiction) and literary fiction (e.g., Victor Hugo or William Faulkner).

Fiction is largely perceived as a form of art and/or entertainment, although not all fiction is necessarily artistic. Fiction may be create...

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