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Fingers Cut Megamachine

Fingers Cut Megamachine

"Fingers Cut Megamachine" is a Los Angeles-based indie/folk rock band led by Devon Williams, formerly of the Southern California punk band Osker. Fingers Cut Megamachine draw influences from indie, pop, country music, as well as traditional American acoustic folk music. Although frequently compared with Iron & Wine, Wilco, and Bright Eyes, Fingers Cut Megamachine's sound is uniquely characteristic.


*''Color Tub'' (2004, Aggravated Music)

*''Fingers Cut Megamachine'' (2005, Thick Records)


* Self Tilted 7 inch (2002, Aggravated Music)

* 3 Song Demo CD (2002, Aggravated Music)

* 7 inch Split with Kurt Vile (2003, Foxhole Atheist Records)

* ''Pipe Dreams'' (2005, Thick Records)

* ''Reno'' Live From Reno (2006, Self Released - Limited to 50 copies)


*''The Aggravated Music BBQ Sampler'' (2003, Aggravated Music)

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