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"Firewater" is an indie rock group founded by Tod A. in 1995. He describes them as a

"wedding band gone wrong".

After Tod left his previous group, Cop Shoot Cop, he quickly regrouped and formed Firewater to explore the styles of music Cop Shoot Cop had only hinted at, including klezmer, cabaret, ska, jazz, and gypsy forms. More than one source described the original Firewater lineup as an "indie rock supergroup", based on members such as Duane Denison of the Jesus Lizard, Yuval Gabay of Soul Coughing, Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields, and Hahn Rowe. This original lineup proved unable to tour, and Tod recruited new musicians for the band's first tour. While the lineup has changed over the years, with many different musicians appearing on different albums and tours, Tod remains the singer, songwriter, and bassist of Firewater.

Firewater has released five albums, and has seen some success, especially in Europe and on United States college radio stations.

Their latest album, ''Songs We Should Have Written'', is a collection of cover songs. It includes songs written by Robyn Hitchcock, The Rolling Stones ("Paint It Bl...

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