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The British rock band Fischer-Z released three quite successful albums between 1979 and 1981. The original lineup consisted of John Watts (vocals, guitar), David Graham (bass), Steve Skolnik (keyboards) and Steve Liddle (drums).

Watts founded a new band with the same name in 1987, with him being the only original member. The albums released with the new lineup were considerably less successful than the ones recorded with the original band.


  • The Worker (1979) - UK #53
  • So Long (1980) - UK #72
  • Marliese (1981)


  • Word Salad (1979)
  • Going Deaf For A Living (1980)
  • Red Skies Over Paradise (1981)
  • Reveal (1987)
  • Fish's Head (1989)
  • Destination Paradise (1992)
  • Kamikaze Shirt (1993)
  • Stream (1995)

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