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Five Americans

"Five Americans" was a 1960s band, most famous for the song "Western Union".

The members of Five Americans first met in Durant, Oklahoma at

South-eastern Oklahoma State University in 1962. Under the

leadership of lead guitarist, Mike Rabon, they formed a group

called the Mutineers. The band played local beer joints and frat

dances until the summer of 1964, when Mike suggested that they go

to Dallas to try and make enough money to pay for tuition for the

following fall semester. With the onslaught of the

"British Invasion" by bands with strange sounding names, the group

also took on a new handle. They were not bugs or beasts of any

kind, they were simply, Five Americans.

They achieved some local notoriety in a dive called the Pirate's Nook.

There, they were discovered by a local record label called Abnak

Records. John Abdnor, president of the label, took the group under

his wing and provided them the resources to write and practice

original songs. In the summer of 1965, they released an original

tune entitled "I See The Light". The song went to the top twenty in

Billboard Magazine and paved the way for a string of hits by ...

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