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"Five" (originally spelled "5ive") were a British boy band put together in early 1997 by the same team who formed the Spice Girls. They enjoyed fair success worldwide, but particularly in the UK, parts of Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Israel and Australia. They disbanded on 27 September, 2001 after selling close to 20 million records, and having 11 top ten UK singles and 4 top ten albums. The five members were Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason 'J' Brown, Richard 'Abs' Breen and Sean Conlon.


In 1997, an advertisement was placed in the UK performing arts newspaper ''The Stage'', asking for young male singers/dancers to audition for a boy band-style group with "attitude and edge". Bob and Chris Herbert, the two men who had earlier created the Spice Girls, thought the time was right for a male group. 3,000 hopefuls auditioned and they were finally narrowed down to only fourteen, five of whom had arranged themselves into a group while waiting for their audition and subsequently were signed with BMG/RCA for a six-album deal.

In November of 1997, the band released their first single in the UK; "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)", which debuted at #10. The song was also released i...

Background group or band
Genre Pop music
Years active 1997-2001
Past members Scott Robinson (singer)
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source: Wikipedia