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"Flipper" was an influential noise band from San Francisco, California, forming in 1979 from the ruins of punk bands SSD, Sleepers, and Negative Trend, and continuing in often erratic fashion until the early 1990s.

*Bruce Loose - vocals, bass guitar

*Ted Falconi - guitar

*Will Shatter - vocals, bass guitar

*Steve DePace - drums, backing vocals

The band made their first recordings available in late 1979 via the SF Underground 7" compilation series released through Steve Tupper's newly-formed Subterranean Records. In 1981, a 7" comprising "Love Canal/Ha Ha Ha" followed, and the original lineup made two full-length studio albums on Subterranean, 1982's ''Generic'' and a 1985 followup ''Gone Fishin'''.

Flipper's music was very shambolic and noisy, and oft considered "slow" for a punk band of the time. In many early shows, the band had half the audience onstage with them singing backup vocals, and encouraged horn players to join them for their anthem, "Sex Bomb"; the crowding onstage usually knocked the stringed instruments out of tune. Guitarist Ted Falconi installed spikes in the head of his guitar to help prevent this, but blaring, out...

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