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Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

"Foo Fighters" are a rock group formed by musician Dave Grohl in 1995. They are named after the World War II term "foo fighter", used to refer to mysterious aerial phenomena.

Foo Fighters have earned a strong worldwide following, and have scored a number of hit songs, including <

NOTE: Songs listed here have all made it into the top five of more than one chart (see chart at the bottom of the page) - PLEASE DO NOT ADD SONG TITLES UNLESS THEY MEET THIS STANDARD.

-->"This Is a Call", "Everlong", "Learn to Fly", "All My Life", "Times Like These", "Best of You", and "DOA". On top of their five studio albums, they have also contributed to several movie soundtracks, including the song "The One" on the 2002 ''Orange County'' soundtrack.

Grohl spent four years as the drummer for Nirvana. Unbeknownst to most of Nirvana's fanbase, Grohl had gradually written a stockpile of songs that he had largely held back from the band for fear of ruining their chemistry. (Grohl has noted in several interviews that he was well aware of the infamous drummer joke: "Q: What did the drummer say just before he got fired? / A: 'Hey, guys, let's try one of my songs!'") Instead, Grohl ...

years active 1995–present
origin Seattle, Washington
country United States
status Active
music genre Rock (music)
current members Dave Grohl
Taylor Hawkins
Nate Mendel
Chris Shiflett
past members Pat Smear
William Goldsmith
Franz Stahl
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia