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"Forbidden" is a Thrash metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area, part of the Bay Area Thrash scene, most popular in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. Their style is a unique mixture between Thrash metal with Power Metal, Doom Metal and classical influences.

Forbidden were originally known as Forbidden Evil, under which name they recorded several demo tapes and had some changes in their line up, including Robb Flynn on guitar (later moving to Vio-lence and then Machine Head). ''Forbidden Evil'' is also the name of Forbidden's first official album, which was obviously named after the band's changing name. They had some highlights on thrash scene, because of their intensity on the stage with technical songs, which can be seen and heard in the 1988's Ultimate Revenge Video of Combat Records (they are one of the open acts for Raven, with Death, Faith Or Fear and Dark Angel). The line up until 1989 was Russ Anderson (vocals), Craig Locicero and Glen Alvelais (Guitars), Matt Camacho (bass) and Paul Bostaph (drums). In 1990, Glen Alvelais left the band (joining Testament two years later). His spot was filled by Tim Calvert. They released their second studio record "Twisted ...

years active 1987—1997
origin San Francisco, California
country USA
music genre Thrash metal
current members Russ Anderson
Tim Calvert
Craig Locicero
Matt Camacho
Steve Jacobs
past members Paul Bostaph
Glen Alvelais
Robb Flynn
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia