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Foreign Objects

"Foreign Objects" was a metal band created by Deron Miller and Jess Margera in West Chester, PA in 1995.

Their first EP, "The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors", had five tracks and would be their only release up until 2004.

The band fell apart as they never really had a full time bassist. The two founding members, Jess and Deron, went on to form CKY with Chad I. Ginsburg.

In 2004, Jess and Deron finally got around to finishing their sophomore album, "Universal Culture Shock" (many of the demos from UCS had been circulating around the internet for years before the official release). One of the more prominent differences between the two albums are the multitude of guitar solos that are found on Universal Culture Shock. Guitarist James Murphy is responsible for all of the solos on UCS.

*The Undiscovered Numbers and Colours (1995)

*CKY: Camp Volume 2(1999) (Featured demos and other Foreign Objects songs)

*Universal Culture Shock (2004)

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