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"Foreigner" is a rock band formed in New York City in 1976 by veteran musicians Mick Jones and Ian McDonald, along with then unknown vocalist Lou Gramm (Louis Grammatico). Despite accusations of formulaic commercialism, Foreigner's unique style of arena rock with keyboard flourishes has racked up sales of over 50 million records worldwide to date.

The band is led by British journeyman rocker Mick Jones (former member of Nero and the Gladiators, Spooky Tooth, and The Leslie West Band) who in early 1976 met with ex-King Crimson member Ian McDonald and formed Foreigner with Lou Gramm, Dennis Elliot, Al Greenwood, and Ed Gagliardi as a sextet.

The band's debut album ''Foreigner'' sold more than four million copies in the United States and stayed in the Top Twenty for a year with such hits as "Feels Like the First Time", "Cold as Ice", and "Long Long Way From Home". Their sophomore effort, ''Double Vision'', topped their previous selling five million records and spawned "Hot Blooded" and title track "Double Vision". Their third album, ''Head Games'', is a more back-to-basics effort, which Gramm refers to as their "grainiest" album. This album was also successful due to the ...

country Formed in New York City but composed of both English and American musicians
years active 1976–present
music genre rock music
current members Mick Jones (Foreigner)
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source: Wikipedia