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Four Tet

"Four Tet" is the name used by "Kieran Hebden" for his electronic music-oriented solo efforts to differentiate from his work with post-rock band Fridge.

Four Tet is highly respected in many parts of Europe (most notably in Hebden's native Britain) as an original and talented experimental electronic artist, but remains relatively unknown in the United States. Hebden's solo work typically incorporates samples lifted from various sources including hip-hop, electronica, techno, jazz, and folk mixed with his own guitar playing. Four Tet shares some stylistic similarities with other musicians, such as Prefuse 73, who use computer editing techniques that give the music a staccato, cut-up feel. Hebden's music is notable for its rich, organic sounds and harmonious melodies as well as for eschewing the traditional pop-song format in favor of a more abstract approach.

Kieran Hebden began releasing material as Four Tet in 1998 with the 36 minute and 25 second single ''Thirtysixtwentyfive'' on Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings label. Later that year, he released a second single, the jazz-influenced "Misnomer". 1999's ''Dialogue'', again on Output, was Four Tet's first full-l...

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