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Francis Dunnery

"Francis Dunnery" (sometimes known as Frank; born on 25 December, 1962, in Egremont, Cumbria, England) was a founder member of the 1980s band It Bites. Although he started on drums, he became the lead singer and guitarist of the group until he left in 1990.

It Bites released three studio albums, ''The Big Lad in the Windmill'' (1986), ''Once Around the World'' (1988) and ''Eat Me in St Louis'' (1989). Their swansong final live album ''Thank You and Goodnight'' was released in 1990. It Bites' biggest hit was "Calling All the Heroes" in 1986, which reached #6 in the United Kingdom's Top 40.

Since leaving It Bites, Dunnery has been a solo artist, recording seven studio albums: ''Welcome to the Wild Country'' (1991), ''Fearless'' (1994), ''Tall Blonde Helicopter'' (1995), ''One Night in Sauchiehall Street'' (1995), ''Let's Go Do What Happens'' (1998), ''Man'' (2001), ''The Gulley Flats Boys'' (2005). He has performed regularly in both the U.S. and the UK. His biggest solo hit was "American Life in the Summertime".

Dunnery is also the inventor of the guitar based instrument called the tapboard which used parts of a shower hose and an egg timer.

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