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Michael Franks

"Michael Franks" (1944—) is a singer and songwriter from the United States. Born in La Jolla, California, he began singing folk-rock, accompanying himself on guitar, in High School. He studied music in college, earned an M.A. from UCLA in Comparative Literature and a PhD from the University of Oregon and teaching undergraduate music courses.

He was on records with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee and recorded an eponymous CD now titled ''Previously Unavailable'' (originally Brut, now DRG Records) before landing a contract with Warner Brothers Music in 1973. Since then, Michael has recorded over 15 more albums.

* ''Michael Franks'' (Brut 1973)

* ''Art of Tea'' (Reprise 1975)

* ''Sleeping Gypsy'' (Warner Brothers 1977)

* ''Burchfield Nines'' (Warner Brothers 1978)

* ''Tiger in the Rain'' (Warner Brothers 1979)

* ''One Bad Habit'' (Warner Brothers 1980)

* ''With Crossfire Live'' (Warner Brothers 1980)

* ''Objects of Desire'' (Warner Brothers 1982)

* ''Passionfruit'' (Warner Brothers 1983)

* ''Previously Unavailable'' (DRG 1983)

* ''Skin Dive'' (Warner Brothers 1985)

* ''The Camera Never Lies'' (Warner Brothers 1987)

* ''Blue Pacific'' (Re...

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