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Fred Eaglesmith

Fred Eaglesmith is a Canadian alternative country singer-songwriter. Some of his albums have been credited to Fred J. Eaglesmith.

Eaglesmith was one of nine children raised by a farming family in rural Southern Ontario. As a teenager, he hopped a freight train out to Western Canada, and began writing songs and performing.

In addition to his own albums, he frequently collaborates with Willie P. Bennett.

His fans are known as Fredheads because of the similarities to deadheads.

He has appeared in several movies, including "The Gift" and "50 Odd Dollars."


  • Fred Eaglesmith (1980)
  • The Boy That Just Went Wrong (1983)
  • Indiana Road (1987)
  • There Ain't No Easy Road (1991)
  • Things Is Changin' (1993)
  • Paradise Motel (1994)
  • Drive-In Movie (1995)
  • Lipstick, Lies and Gasoline (1997)
  • 50 Odd Dollars (1999)
  • Live: Ralph's Last Show (2001)
  • Falling Stars and Broken Hearts (2002)
  • ...
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