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Full House

"''Full House"'' was an American television sitcom that ran from 1987 to 1995.

The show was set in San Francisco but filmed in Los Angeles

The premise of the show, as established in the first episode, involves recently widowed San Francisco sportscaster Danny Tanner, who is left to raise his three young daughters D.J., Stephanie, and baby Michelle following the death of his wife, Pam, in a car accident involving a drunk driver. He recruits his best friend from college, Joey Gladstone, and his late wife's younger brother, Jesse, to help him take care of his girls. Many of the show's exploits surround the idea of three "swinging" bachelors trying to rein in the precocious antics of three little girls, who frequently got the best of them. Joey makes a living primarily as a stand-up comedian, Jesse as a struggling musician who also works for his father's exterminating company and, in episode four: It's Not My Job of season two, quits the family exterminating business. Eventually, Danny becomes the co-host of the morning talk show "Wake Up, San Francisco" alongside Rebecca Donaldson, who begins dating Jesse. Jesse and Rebecca marry and have twin sons, Nicholas and Alexander (...

format Situation comedy
runtime approx. 0:24 (per episode)
creator Jeff Franklin
executive producer Jeff Franklin
Thomas L. Miller
Robert L. Boyett
Marc Warren (TV producer)
starring '''Bob Saget'''
as Danny Tanner
'''John Stamos'''
as Jesse Katsopolis
'''Dave Coulier'''
as Joey Gladstone
'''Candace Cameron'''
as D.J. Tanner
'''Jodie Sweetin'''
as Stephanie Tanner
'''Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen'''
as Michelle Tanner
'''Lori Loughlin'''
as Rebecca Katsopolis
country United States
network American Broadcasting Company
first aired September 22, 1987
last aired May 23, 1995
num episodes List of Full House episodes
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia