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Fur Patrol

Fur Patrol

"Fur Patrol" is a rock band, originally from Wellington, New Zealand, now based in Melbourne, Australia.

The band released the debut EP, ''Starlifter'', on the independent Welligton label Wishbone in 1998. Their debut album ''Pet'' was released in 2000, and featured the New Zealand number one hit single "Lydia". Other singles from this album are "Now", "Holy", "Andrew" and "Spinning In A Line". Another song was "Man in a Box".

A highlight for Fur Patrol was the lead singer, Julia Deans, winning the 'best female vocal' award at the 2001 New Zealand Tui Music awards.

In 2001 the band, signed to Warner Music New Zealand, moved to Melbourne, Australia. During 2001-2002 they constantly toured, all over Australia.

Their second album, ''Collider'', was released in New Zealand in 2003 and Australia in 2004. A single was released, "Precious", which was a lot more heavier than earlier offerings. Its music video, showed the band members collecting fan's ears, was filmed in Hollywood, California.

Guitarist Steve Wells left the band in late 2004 and the current Fur Patrol line-up currently continues as a three piece.

*Julia Deans (vocals and guitar)

*Andrew Bain ...

country Wellington, New Zealand
years active 1998–present
music genre Rock music
current members Julia Deans
Steve Wells
Andrew Bain
Simon Braxton
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia