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Billy Fury

"Billy Fury" (April 17, 1940 – January 28, 1983) was an English pop singer and songwriter of the 1950s to 1980s from Wavertree, Liverpool.

Born "Ronald Wycherley", he attended a gig in Liverpool run by impresario Larry Parnes, in the hope of interesting established artiste Marty Wilde in some of the songs he had written. Instead, in an episode that has become pop music legend, Parnes pushed young Ronnie on stage. He was such a success that Parnes signed him, added him to the tour, and renamed him Billy Fury.

He released his first hit for Decca, "Maybe Tomorrow", in 1959. By March 1960, he hit UK No.9 with his own composition "Collette", followed by "That's Love" and his first album ''The Sound Of Fury'' (1960), which featured a young Joe Brown on lead guitar, with backup vocals by The Four Jays. This album is seen as one of the most important self-penned British rock and roll albums ever.

After further hits and sacking his band ''The Blue Flames'' — which included keyboardist Georgie Fame, auditions were held for a new group and held by Parnes in Liverpool. Among those who failed were the pre-fame Beatles, who for the first time, called themselves The S...

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