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"The Gamits" were an Indie Punk/Pop Rock group from Denver, Colorado who formed in 2001, and were hailed as "America's best hidden pop/punk secret". The band had established itself quite well with four releases in the five years it was together. The band was disbanded in 2005 due to the members wishing to participate in and start other projects. Suprisingly, over the band's five year carrer, there were nine musicians who participated in it at one point or another; the only one of these who remained in the band through out its entire carrer was Chris Fogal (Guitar, Voca
years active 2001–2005
origin Denver, Colorado
music genre Indie Rock, Punk/Pop Rock
current members Chris Fogal
Matt Vanleuven
Matt Martinez
Forrest Bartosh
Scott Weigel
Luke Mathers
Brian Pentagram
Scott Swarers
Jason Walker (musician)
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia