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David Gates

"David Gates" (born December 11, 1940) is a singer and songwriter, best known as the front man of the group Bread (formed in 1967). Gates was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma (having grown up in what is now Bolewood Acres) dropped out of college and married young, and set off for California to begin a career in music. He worked as a music copyist, studio musician, and producer for Pat Boone. Success came early (including his songs "Popsicles and Icicles", recorded by The Murmaids in 1963, and "Saturday's Child", recorded by the Monkees), but it was with Bread that he gained a wide following and a string of hits including:

*"Make it with You" (1970)

*"If" (1971)

*"Everything I Own" (1972)

*"Lost Without Your Love" (1976)

After Bread split up, he released several solo albums and in 1977 composed the theme song for the Oscar-winning film ''The Goodbye Girl''.

Gates' distinctive singing voice and boy-next-door good looks helped ensure his popularity. However, many of his songs have been successfully covered by other artists, including "If" (covered by Telly Savalas) and "Everything I Own" (covered by, among others, Boy George).

Having spent several years out of musi...

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