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Ghoti Hook

"Ghoti Hook" was a Christian pop-punk band from Washington, D.C. The band was formed in 1991, with band bembers Joel Bell, Conrad Tolosa, Jamie Tolosa, Christian Ergueta, and Adam Neubauer. They released two independent EPs in 1994 and 1995. They signed to Tooth and Nail Records in 1996, then released two albums, Sumo Surprise and Bananaman.

Conrad the guitarist and a main songwriter of the band left the band in 1997 when Ghoti Hook began to tour fulltime. After the cover album "Songs We Didn't Write", Mark Lacasse joined the lineup as they changed their sound from punk to straight-up rock. Christian Ergueta left the band soon after. Mark left a little after that.

As a three-piece Ghoti Hook released a six song EP, called "EP" on Velvet Blue Music. They disbanded in 2002. Their last show was at Cornerstone Music Festival on July 6, 2002; it was recorded and released as a live album titled ''Rest In Peace''.

*''No Date'' (EP) (Self-released, 1994)

*''Boca Grande'' (EP) (Self-released, 1995)

*''Sumo Surprise'' (Tooth and Nail Records, 1996)

*''Banana Man'' (Tooth and Nail Records, 1997)

*''Songs We Didn't Write'' (cover album) (Tooth and Nail Recor...

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