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Gigolo Aunts

"Gigolo Aunts" is an alternative rock band formed in 1981 in Potsdam, New York as Sniper. In 1986 their name changed to Gigolo Aunts (after a Syd Barrett song) and the band re-located to Boston, Massachusetts. Their biggest commercial success was the single "Where I Find My Heaven", which featured in the soundtrack to the motion picture Dumb and Dumber and as the opening music to the British sitcom "Game On".

*Dave Gibbs (vocals/guitar)

*Phil Hurley (lead guitar, 1981-1995)

*Steve Hurley (bass)

*Paul Brouwer (drums, 1981-1995)

*Jon Skibic (lead guitar, 1995-)

*Fred Eltringham (drums, 1995-)


*''Better Than Fish'' (1987, Demo Tape)

*''Everybody Happy'' (1988, Coyote Records)

*''Tales From The Vinegar Side'' (1990, Impossible Records)

*''Full-On Bloom (EP)'' (1993, Alias Records)

*''Flippin' Out'' (1994, RCA Records/BMG)

*''Learn To Play Guitar (EP)'' (1997, Wicked Disc)

*''Minor Chords And Major Themes'' (1999, E Pluribus Unum)

*''Everyone Can Fly (EP)'' (1999, E Pluribus Unum)

*''The One Before The Last'' (2000, Bittersweet Records)

*''Pacific Ocean Blues'' (Spanish/Japanese - 2002, Bittersweet Records), (US - 2003, Q Division)

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