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Gil can mean: *Gil Island, one of several islands by that name *Gil, a recurring character on "The Simpsons" *Gil (Final Fantasy), the principal fictional currency in the Final Fantasy series *Gil Hodges, former manager of the New York Mets (d. 1972) *Gilberto Gil, singer and songwriter, Minister of Culture of Brazil *A Cardassian military rank in the fictional Star Trek universe *Gil Ofarim, a German pop singer *Gilberto Alves, a Brazilian footballer. *Gil Grissom, character on CSI Las Vegas, played by William Petersen *Gil Melândia, Brazilian singer *Gilbert Arenas, a basketball player for the Washington Wizards in the NBA. *Gil is also an abbreviated form of the name Gilbert. *"Star" in the Quenya language (invented by J.R.R. Tolkien) *Gil (Hebrew: ××× â Gil, "joy" or "age") is also a common Israeli name. *Gil - Gimla'ey Yisrael LaKneset? is a Israeli pensioners' party. *José Augusto Seco Machado Gil Portuguese Psychiatrist (1953-1996) *In the Python programming language, GIL stands for global inter...

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