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Gin Blossoms

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"Gin Blossoms" are an alternative pop/rock band formed in 1987, in Tempe, Arizona. They took their name from a photo of W.C. Fields which bore the caption "W.C. Fields with gin blossoms," referring to the actor's gin-ravaged nose. The band, who were musically weaned on The Byrds and Tom Petty, released three albums and had several hits in the mid 1990s, before breaking up in 1997. The band reunited in 2002, touring, releasing a DVD, and promising a fourth album, ''Major Lodge Victory'', which was released on August 8, 2006 on the Hybrid Recordings label.

Members during the band's early years included guitarist and songwriter Doug Hopkins, bassist Bill Leen, vocalist Jesse Valenzuela, guitarist Richard Taylor, drummer Chris McCann, McCann's replacement Dan Henzerling, and Taylor's replacement Robin Wilson.

By the early 1990s, the lineup had changed to Leen on bass, Hopkins on guitar, Valenzuela on guitar and vocals, Wilson on vocals and acoustic guitar, and Phillip Rhodes on drums. During work on the group's second major-label record, Hopkins was fired and replaced with Scott Johnson, but Hopkins...

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