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"Ginger" was a Canadian rock band in the 1990s. The band consisted of Tom Hooper, Chris Hooper and Vincent Jones, following the departure of Kevin Kane from their earlier band The Grapes of Wrath.

With the Grapes of Wrath name and song catalogue tied up in legal wrangling between Kane and the remainder of the band, Jones and the Hooper brothers adopted the name Ginger, and released a self-titled EP under that name in 1993. In an ironic reversal of fortune, their tour to support that recording was as Sarah McLachlan's opening act on her breakthrough ''Fumbling Towards Ecstasy'' tour; McLachlan had been an opening act for the Grapes just a few years earlier.

In 1994, Ginger released ''Far Out''. Both ''Far Out'' and the self-titled EP were noted for their strong similarity to the classic Grapes jangle-pop sound, so in 1996, Ginger made a more conscious effort to develop its own distinctive sound, adding some trip-hop and electronic elements to their album ''Suddenly I Came to My Senses''.

However, the members of Ginger went their separate ways following that recording. Jones and Chris Hooper became session musicians (Jones appears on McLachlan's live albums ''Mirrorba...

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