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Girls Under Glass


Girls Under Glass (abbreviated as GUG) is a musical Electro-Industrial-Goth band from Hamburg, Germany.

== Biography =

= Girls Under Glass were founded by Thomas Lücke (singer), Hauke Harms (electronics & keyboards) and Zaphor aka Volker Zacharias (guitars).

= Debut album was recorded: Humus. For this record Dr. Fluch joined the band and played bass guitar.

= Girls Under Glass supported bands such as Fields of the Nephilim, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and were just big stars in the german gothic-wave-scene. At this point of time the band was playing togther with two guest musicians (Marcel Zürcher, drummer of Abwärts, Schwansee, Shanghaid Guts) and Olaf O (bassplayer). Flowers (second album was recorded). Members: Thomas Lücke (vocals) Zaphor (guitars) Hauke Harms (keyboards), Axel Ermes (bassplayer). Axel joined the band and was integrated into the real band-line up. Axel and Zaphor played at this point of time parallel in the german cult band Cancer Barrack.

= Zaphor left Cancer Barrack and concentrated on the third GUG album. Main sin...

years active 1986–present
origin Hamburg
status Active
music genre Electro (music)
current members Volker Zacharias (vocals & guitars)
Hauke Harms (electronics & keyboards)
Axel Ermes (bass)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Girls Under Glass

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