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Glister is a fictional animal derived from a series of books known as the Edge Chronicles.

The seeds of life that were blown in from open sky, usually ended up in Riverrise, flowing through its waters and blossoming into different forms of life. But when Old Sanctaphrax floated up into the sky, some seeds were blown into its stonecomb, and transformed into glisters. You cannot look at them directly, but you can catch glimpses of them out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes they rise to the surface, and hide inside old, dark, abandoned buildings. If a glister wanders outside the stonecomb, or has a grain of chine (Stormphrax) blown on it, it will crumble into dust. Rumors in Old Sanctaphrax were that glisters were the lost souls of academics, and that they could kill people. In fact, they are phantasms of biengs that never lived, and the worst they can do is give you a burn when provoked. They react differently to different emotions, somtimes flashing, sometimes glowing.

A Rouge Glister was created when a normal one was sucked into the Ancient Laboratory by an earth-scholar and exposed to the full force of lightning. It was sealed away when it killed its ceator, but they...

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