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God Machine

* ''Deus ex machina'', is a plot device originated in the drama of Ancient Greece, in which a supernatural entity is lowered onto the stage via a crane, to resolve the affairs of mortals. This phrase, literally "God from the Machine" when translated to English, is the source of this term.

*The US/UK rock band The God Machine

*Martin Caidin's novel from 1968, The God Machine

*The humorous divine prop referred to as "the God Machine" used in "This Week in God" segments on ''The Daily Show with Jon Stewart'' to prompt Stephen Colbert, and later Rob Corddry, with religious-themed cues for comedic observations.

*The Lynn, Massachusetts clergyman John Murray Spear attempted to build a mechanical New Messiah in 1854 which ran on eletricity. Many have referred to this device as "the God Machine".

*''Hellboy: The God Machine'', a Hellboy novel written by Thomas E. Sniegoski, based in part on the John Murray Spear incident.

*Scientist Dr. Michael Persinger has developed a "God helmet" which he claims can generate altered states of consciousness, including those similar to religious epiph

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