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"Godflesh" was an industrial metal band from Birmingham, England, formed in 1988 by Justin K. Broadrick (guitar, vocals, and programming) and G. C. Green (bass). The band is highly regarded as one of the pioneers of industrial metal. The group disbanded in 2002.

Inspired by Big Black, Killing Joke, Swans, and Throbbing Gristle, as well as fellow Brummies Black Sabbath, Godflesh were among the pioneers of industrial metal, influencing well-known bands such as Danzig, Faith No More, Fear Factory, Helmet, Korn, Metallica, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, and even the Beastie Boys. Pitchshifter and Isis.

Godflesh is known for their unique mixture of industrial drum machine beats with droning, discordant guitar and powerful, intermittent bass. (On their earlier albums, the rhythms, synths, and samples are credited to "Machine" or "Machines". Later, Godflesh would make user of human drummers Brian Mantia and Ted Parsons.) Their eerie, slow, and repetitive style is commonly described as "apocalyptic".

Broadrick's vocals are often guttural, making use of something a...

years active 1988 – 2002
country Birmingham, United Kingdom
music genre Industrial metal
Industrial music
current members Justin K. Broadrick
G. C. Green
Ted Parsons
Brian Mantia
Robert Hampson
Paul Neville (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia