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Graeme Revell

Graeme Revell was born in New Zealand in 1955. He graduated from The University of Auckland with degrees in economics and politics. He is a classically trained pianist and French horn player. Revell worked for as a regional planner in Australia and Indonesia and as an orderly in an Australian psychiatric hospital. Graeme Revell was a member of SPK, a 1970's music group, for which he played keyboards and percussion. Their single "In Flagrante Delicto" was the basis for his first film score for Dead Calm, which won him an Australian Film Industry award. Revell has become a prolific and respected composer of film soundtracks.

His unique musical style is very much electronic and computer-based in nature, yet often utilizes classical instruments or entire arrangements for certain pieces, much like his contemporary counterpart Hans Zimmer. His music is often reused from movie to movie (parts from his score for The Crow was reused for Kingdom of Heaven according to IMDB) and in more recent times he has collaborated with other artists on their albums. After the success of his soundtrack on Red Planet where he used the voice of French singer Emma Shapplin...

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