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"Grave" is a Swedish (Visby) death metal band. They started in 1986 under the name ''Corpse'' and changed it to Grave in 1988. They recorded various demos during 1986-1991 and including some singles and EPs as well. Their debut full-length album ''Into the Grave'' was released in 1991, which has become a death metal classic over the years. The release led to a European and American tour.

In 1992, the band released their second album ''You'll Never See...'', which was a continuation of the style played on their debut. However, bassist Jonas Torndal, left the band as a result of his increasing dislike for touring. After unsuccessfully trying to find a replacement, the group made a decide to become a three-man band, as guitarist Jorgen Sandstrom switched to bass. A European tour followed with country-mates Dismember and headliner Morbid Angel.

''Soulless'' - their third album, released in 1994 - showed a somewhat different style, blending some more experimentation and industrial tones into the death metal of the previous album. The album was hence not very well-received by fans of the earlier effort. Sandstrom departed 1996 and Lindgren took over the vocals on their fourth a...

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