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Michale Graves

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"Michael Emanuel" (born March 21, 1975), better known by his stage name "Michale Graves", is a singer/songwriter. He is most famous for singing for the late 1990s re-incarnation of The Misfits, from 1995 to 1998 and again from late 1998 until late 2000. He was recording a demo with his then band Mopes in Lodi, New Jersey, when the engineer Bob Alecca told him the Misfits were auditioning singers. He had never heard a Misfits song before, so he immediately bought the ''Collection I'' album to learn them.

New Misfits drummer Dr. Chud quickly took Mike under his wing and a friendship was formed that lasted years.

Mike's singing can be found on ''American Psycho'', ''Famous Monsters'', backup vocals on the 1999 single ''Monster Mash'' and ''Cuts from the Crypt''. He also wrote original songs for the band, including "Dig Up Her Bones", "Saturday Night", "This Island Earth", "Fiend without a Face", "Shining", "The Haunting", "Witch Hunt", and "Fiend Club". He co-wrote many songs as well. During a brea...

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