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Adam Green

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"Adam Green" (born 1981) is an American singer-songwriter originally with the group The Moldy Peaches. Green is now best known for the solo career he began in 2002.

Often compared to Ben Folds, Leonard Cohen, Ben Kweller, and Jonathan Richman, Green's off-kilter indie alternative folk style has achieved a moderate college radio following in the United States and enjoys increasing popularity in different European countries, particularly Germany.

Adam Green has released the albums ''Garfield'' and ''Friends of Mine'' on Sanctuary Records. Among his most famous songs are "Jessica", about singer Jessica Simpson, "Friends of Mine", "Dance with me" and "Emily", which were released as single CDs. In Britain, his cover of the Libertines track "What A Waster" is more well known. Adam's brother Joel, an astronomer, has appeared as an accompanying musician on several tracks.

Attended Emerson College for one semester in 1998 before leaving to concentrate on his music.

* 2002: ''Garfield''

* 2003: ''Friends of Mine''

* 2005: ''Gemstones''

* 2006: ''Jacket Full Of Danger''


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