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Greg Brown

"Greg Brown" is a folk musician from Iowa, USA. His "Iowa Waltz" has been (unsuccessfully) proposed to replace the state song of Iowa.

During the 1980s, his reputation was established through frequent touring and recurring performances on ''A Prairie Home Companion''. Subsequently, his work has been nominated for Grammy awards. He also founded his own record label and named it Red House Records after a home in which he lived in Iowa.

His work has been recorded by others, most notably Joan Baez, who covered his song "Rexroth's Daughter" on ''Dark Chords on a Big Guitar''.

On November 21, 2002 he married the singer-songwriter Iris DeMent. His daughters (from a previous marriage) are also musicians.

* ''Hacklebarney'' (1974) (with Dick Pinney)

* ''44 & 66'' (1980)

* ''Iowa Waltz'' (1981)

* ''One Night...'' (1983)

* ''In the Dark with You'' (1985)

* ''Songs of Innocence and of Experience'' (1986)

* ''One More Goodnight Kiss'' (1988)

* ''One Big Town'' (1989)

* ''Down in There'' (1990)

* ''Dream Café'' (1992)

* ''Friend of Mine'' (1993) (with Bill Morrissey)

* ''Bathtub Blues'' (1993)

* ''The Poet Game'' (1994)

* ''The Live One'' (1

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