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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Maria Odete Brito de Miranda became notorious as the "Butt Queen" in the late 70s when, after doing backing vocals for years, she appeared on a TV show and soon recorded her debut album, "Dance With Me". In 1980, 81 and 82, she released her most successful albums: "My Name Is Gretchen", "You and Me" and "Lonely". The three featured songs that would be hallmarks in her career, such as "Freak Le Boom Boom", "Melô do Piripipi", "Conga Conga Conga". Between 1980 and 1982, she grabbed the media's attention. Gretchen used to make "sexy" music, while enjoying popularity among the children. After "Lonely" (1982), she went on a downward spiral while trying to remain on the charts. In the 1990s, she embraced Protestantism and began singing Gospel music. By the end of the 90s, her hits returned to dance floors. With the emergence of Butt Music stars like Carla Perez, Gretchen was eventually recognized as a forerunner of the hip shakers. The compilation "20 Super Sucessos" came out in 1998 on Copacabana/EMI.


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