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Groove Terminator

Groove Terminator

"Groove Terminator" is the name of an Australian electronic music artist. His band "Tonite Only" with Sam La More was launched in 2006 and is signed to Hussle Black, a sub-label of Ministry of Sound.

Originally a hip-hop DJ, he eventually began spinning house music. He was featured in the 2000 Australian edition of Ministry of Sound's Club Nation series. His song 'Here Comes Another One' was the theme of the popular Australian (and worldwide) reality TV-show 'The Block'. Starting in late 2005, Groove Terminator's song "This Is How Life Should Be" has been featured in a series of television commercials for Progressive Insurance and Sci-Fi channels Stargate series.

*''One More Time Sunshine Song'' - 2000 on EMI

*''You Can't See'' - 2001 on EMI

* AllMusic entry

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