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"Gruntruck" was formed in 1989 by Ben McMillan and Scott McCullum both previously from Skin Yard, Tommy Niemeyer from The Accused, and Tim Paul, previously of Napalm Beach.

Gruntruck was a Seattle grunge band that played on more of the metal side of the genre. They released only two albums. They were Alice in Chains "favorite band."

* Ben McMillan - vocals, guitar

* Norman Scott - drums

* Tim Paul - bass

* Tom Niemeyer - guitar

* ''Inside Yours'' - eMpTy Records (1990), Roadrunner Records (1991)

* ''Push'' - Roadrunner Records (1992), Apollon Records (Japan) (1993)

* ''Above Me b/w Machine Action (16-track demo version)'' (7" single) - Roadrunner Records (1992)

* ''Shot'' (EP) - Betty Records (1996)

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