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Guano Apes

"Guano Apes" was an alternative rock / alternative metal quartet from Germany.

Their energetic mix of grunge and heavy metal made them one of the most successful German rock bands of their time.

The Guano Apes were formed in 1990 in Göttingen, Germany, by guitarist Henning Rümenapp, bassist Stefan Ude and drummer Dennis Poschwatta. Lead singer Sandra Nasic joined the band in 1994. The band's career launched in 1996 after they won a contest for local unsigned bands with their song "Open Your Eyes". The song was also their first and most successful single, followed by the release of their 1997 debut album ''Proud Like a God''. Two #1 albums, ''Don't Give Me Names'' and ''Walking on a Thin Line'', followed in 2000 and 2003, respectively. The band broke up after the release of their best of album ''Planet of the Apes'' and a final tour in 2004.

* Sandra Nasić - vocals

* Henning Rümenapp - guitars

* Stefan Ude - bass

* Dennis Poschwatta - drums


* ''Proud Like a God'' (1997)

* ''Don't Give Me Names'' (2000)

* ''Walking on a Thin Line'' (2003)

* ''Live'' (2003)

* ''Planet of the Apes'' (best of, 2004)


* "Open Your Eyes" (1997)

* "Ra...

years active 1994–2005
country Germany
music genre Crossover/Rock
current members Dennis Poschwatta
Henning Rümenapp
Sandra Nasic
Stefan Ude
website Official Website
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia