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Haircut 100

Haircut 100

"Haircut One Hundred" (also known as "Haircut 100") was a pop music band, formed in 1980.

* "Nick Heyward" - born Nicholas Heyward on 20 May 1961, in Beckenham, Kent - Vocalist/guitars.

* "Les Nemes" - born Leslie Nemes on 5 December 1960, in Croydon, Surrey - Bassist.

*"Graham Jones" - born on 8 July 1961, in Bridlington, East Yorkshire - Guitarist.

*"Phil Smith" - born on 1 May 1959 in Redbridge, Essex - Saxophonist/Guitarist.

*"Mark Fox" - born on 13 February 1958 - Percussionist.

*"Blair Cunningham" - born on 11 October 1957, in Harlem, New York - Drummer.

They were successful from the beginning, with their 1981 single "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)" setting the stage for the breakthrough success of the album ''Pelican West'' (1982). The single "Love Plus One" was even bigger than anything previous, and Haircut 100 seemed poised for stardom just as Heyward decided to seek a solo career. The remainder of the band tried to continue with the album ''Paint and Paint'' (1984, with percussionist Mark Fox taking over Heyward's vocal duties), but they broke up soon after.


Nick Heyward has enjoyed a modestly successful solo career since lea...

years active 1982–1984
country England
music genre Rock music
current members Nick Heyward
Graham Jones
Les Nemes
Phil Smith
Mark Fox
Blair Cunningham
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia