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Halo Benders

"The Halo Benders" are a band formed in 1994 as a side project by Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening and Doug Martsch of Built to Spill. They released their first album, called ''God Don't Make No Junk'', in 1994. They followed up in 1996 with ''Don't Tell Me Now'' and in 1998 with ''The Rebels Not In''.

All three of the band's albums were released on Johnson's influential Olympia record label, K Records.

The Halo Benders' music is characterised by untraditional sounds, movements, and song structures. Additionally, the vocals of the baritone Johnson and the pitchy Martsch overlap often, even though often entirely unrelated. Johnson has said that the two write lyrics for songs largely independently.

*Doug Martsch - guitar, singing, bass

*Ralf Youtz - drums, guitar

*Calvin Johnson - singing, guitar

*Wayne Flower - bass, drums

*Steve Fisk - keyboards

*Heather Dunn - guitars on ''The Rebels Not In''

*''Canned Oxygen'' 7" (1994, Atlas Records)

*''God Don't Make No Junk'' (1994, K Records)

*''Don't Touch My Bikini'' (1995, Fire Records)

*''Don't Tell Me Now'' (1996, K Records)

*''The Rebels Not In'' (1998, K Records)


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