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"Hannah" is a name, which can either be a first name or a last name. When it is a first name it is almost always for a female.

The name is currently popular in English-speaking countries, but comes from the Hebrew language, and means 'grace', 'favor', or (lesser known) 'charm'. Its use derives from the Biblical character called Hannah, the pious mother of the prophet Samuel. The male form of Hannah is Hananiah.

People surnamed Hanna:

*Charles Hanna

*Chris Hanna of the CKY Crew

*Jake Hanna, musician

*Jim Hanna

*John Hanna

*John G. Hanna

*Jumana Hanna (born c. 1962)

*Kathleen Hanna

*Mark Hanna

*Mark Hanna (screenwriter)

*Lisa Hanna

*Vincent Hanna

*William Hanna (1910-2001), American animator & entrepreneur

*William Hanna (sportswriter)

*Hannah Freidenberg (singer)

People surnamed Hannah:

*Barry Hannah, American author & novelist

*Daryl Hannah (born 1960), American actress

*John A. Hannah

*John D. Hannah

*John P. Hannah

*John Hannah (actor)

*John Hannah (NFL player)

*John Hannah (VC)

Places pronounced like Hannah:

*Hana Lake, Queetta, Pakistan

*Hana, Hawaii

*Hanna City, Illinois

*Hanna, Alberta

*Hanna, ...

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