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Gordon Haskell

Gordon Haskell

"Gordon Haskell" (born 27 April, 1946, in Bournemouth, England) was the bass player and vocalist in the transitional King Crimson line-up of 1970. He appeared on the album "Lizard", but quit the group during rehearsals for live work. School friends with Robert Fripp, they previously worked together in an earlier version of The League of Gentlemen. Haskell's more folk oriented interests were in conflict with Crimson's sound, so he elected to leave.

Since then he has released many albums, including -

*''It Is And It Isn't'' (1972) Atlantic, No.8 Radio Luxembourg chart

*''Serve At Room Temperature'' (1979) RCA (un-released until 1997)

Then, after getting into some debt, he decamped to Denmark where he played six nights a week playing in bars. His voice became a lot stronger, and he paid off his debt.

In the 1990s he continued to make more albums, and even released some singles. The "Almost Certainly" single, released in 1990, went into number one in South Africa. An album called ''Hambledon Hill'' followed this. It did well on airplay with BBC Radio 1's Bob Harris saying 'he loved it'. A single of the same name was planned. Alas the distributor was bankrup...

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