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"Haven" are a bed-wetter indie rock band formed in Manchester, England, but originally from Cornwall. They were disovered by Smiths' guitarist Johnny Marr. Their debut album, ''Between The Senses'', was released in February 2002.

*lead singer/guitar: Gary Briggs

*lead guitar: Nat Wason

*bass guitar: Iwan Gronow

*drums: Jack Mitchell



1. ''Between The Senses'' (February, 2002)


2. ''All For A Reason'' (March, 2004)


*''Til The End'' (April 2001)

*''Beautiful Thing'' (July 2001)

*''Let It Live'' (September 2001)

*''Say Something'' (January 2002) #24 UK

*''Til The End'' (April 2002) #28 UK

*''Let It Live'' (June 2002) #57 UK

*''Tell Me'' (July 2003)

*''Wouldn't Change A Thing'' (March 2004)


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years active 1998–present
music genre Indie rock
current members Gary Briggs
Nat Wason
Iwan Gronow
Jack Mitchell
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia