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Hawthorne Heights

"Hawthorne Heights" is a Post-Hardcore/Emo band that formed in Dayton, Ohio in June of 2001. The band was originally known as "A Day In The Life" but changed its name as its music and lineup also changed. JT Woodruff is the lead vocalist and also plays guitar, Matt Ridenour plays bass, Eron Bucciarelli on drums, and Casey Calvert and Micah Carli on guitar.

When their first album ''The Silence in Black And White'' hit stores it did not hit very many, despite the definite singles in Ohio Is For Lovers, Niki FM, and Silver Bullet. However soon the ''Ohio is for Lovers'' video began getting airplay on MTV, and the band peaked at number 55 on the Billboard charts.

When their second album ''If Only You Were Lonely'' was released, it debuted at number 3 on the charts, powered by the lead single "Saying Sorry" which has received massive airplay on MTV, VH1 and Fuse. On July 18, 2006 it was announced that they would be in the annual Nintendo Fusion Tour.

On August 7, 2006 the band announced they would be leaving Victory Records; and are suing the label for--breach of contract, copyright and trademark infringement and fraud.


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years active 2001 – Present
origin Dayton, Ohio
music genre Post Hardcore
Pop Punk
Emo (music)
current members JT Woodruff
Eron Bucciarelli
Casey Calvert
Micah Carli
Matt Ridenour
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia