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Hayseed Dixie

"Hayseed Dixie" are a U.S. band that have been described as "A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC", recording cover versions of hard rock songs in their own distinctive cross of bluegrass and rock which some have termed "rockgrass". The band's sense of humor is evident in their name, a play on "AC/DC".

Claiming to hail from Deer Lick Holler, deep in the heart of Appalachia, they are acoustic musicians, steeped in the area's cultural traditions, suddenly exposed to Heavy Rock by a combination of a car accident and a lack of record players that run at 33 r.p.m. Since 2001 the band have been on the road, Barely Scotch taking a break from his usual occupations in the'alternate fuel and beverage business.'

Touring serves a useful purpose for the band, allowing them to drink, and also meet women, having now been married to "every decent looking woman in Deer Lick."

While on the road they experienced a similar ephiphany whilst listening to KISS songs on the radio, and realising that Stanley and Simmonds were kindred spirits. One thing lead to another, album in this case.

In 2005 they played at Glastonbury and the Cambridge Folk Festival. In September 2005 they held their own...

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